We have an awesome crew who ride bikes on a Saturday morning. We leave the shop at 7.30 am. We head out along Ivanhoe Blvd and make our way toward Doncaster and take in some hills through Templestowe and come home via Rosehill Rd and Heidelberg. The distance is 40km with the pace moderate, approx 25kmh, and it is definitely a no drop ride.  


Wednesday morning is a quicker ride without the stops that we have on Saturday mornings. We leave the shop at 6am for a 35km loop and end up for coffee at Preston market at around 7.15am. We average 30kmh+ for the ride which has its share of hills. We would recommend this ride for more experienced riders. With people having to get to work time is more of the essence.

We will advertise our ride on Facebook and Instagram and we have a North City Cycles Strava Group running.

Please email us if you would like to join us on the ride at

If you are coming to ride with us then we expect everybody to obey all road rules and ride in a proper and considerate manner. If you do not have experience in riding in bunches than you should talk to us and let us know your experience level. We do expect people to ride to the conditions and to ride within their own level of ability to control their bike. We want everyone to have a safe ride and it is each person's responsibility to ride safely. North City Cycles does not except any legal liability for any person's personal injury, loss or property damage. 


Join us on Friday mornings for a CX ride from 6.00am at Uncle Drew's, Groom Street Clifton Hill. Shane has come up with a great route which will get us back to Uncle Drew's for coffee at 7.30am. Bring your CX bike or MTB,