Crash Replacement of Helmets


Nobody likes to crash, but it happens, because that's riding bikes. Helmets save lives and in this country it's the law. There is a tonne of arguments that float about around helmet use but the fact remains that we all ride bikes and we ride them hard and fast. Sometimes that comes unstuck and at that time it's better to have a helmet on than have your head hit the ground without one. 

Our two favourite brands here at North City are POC and Kask. They both produce some of the best helmets on the market. They also both have a crash replacement policy in the unfortunate case that you crash and damage your helmet.

Both company's offer 20% off the price of a new helmet for a crash replacement. There are some important things you need to know in order for this to happen.

1. We need to see the helmet in the shop. So please don't just photograph the helmet and throw it out. We need to send the distributers some specific pics that include the standards stickers etc.

2. The discount does not cross over brands. So if you damage you Kask then it needs to be replaced with a Kask. 

Let's hope that this isn't something that you will ever need to take advantage of but it is important to know when buying a new helmet that it's from a brand that cares.