NorthCC - Top ten CX bikes of 2017

Everyone keeps saying the cross session is coming and guess what? is!! The first race in the Victorian Series is on April 30. So if you are going to join us and have some fun, now is a good time to get yourself a bike so we can work on some skills. We have put together a top 10 of CX bikes for 2017 that are all available at North City Cycles. So have a read through and click on the pics to take you to the full specs of each bike. We may not have everything on the floor all the time but there should always be one to see not far away.

1. Focus Mares AL Tiagra $2199

The Focus Mares frame and fork is one of the lightest on the market which makes these great entry level race bikes that can double as upmarket commuters on non race days. The Tiagra model has Shimano's new 10 speed group and most importantly Hydro Disc brakes for the ability to stop in the wet. Focus RAT through axle system is the same here as it is on Focus's number 1 carbon model.

2. Focus Mares AL 105 $2599

This bike has everything the Tiagra model has with the benefit of Shimano's 105 11 speed group set. Already the most popular bike we have sold this year, stock is running out so if you want one you better get in fast.

3. Colnago Worldcup Ultegra $2999

If Italian is your thing the the Colnago Word Cup Ultegra is just the ticket. With Shimano's Ultegra 11 Speed Gears and Hydro Brakes coupled with Colnago's amazing race geometry this is a great bike to start racing on. The wheels do tend to be on the heavy side which leaves room for an upgrade that will turn this race bread machine into a rocket.

4. Merida 5000 $2999

There is a whole lot to like about this bike. You get a Carbon frame and a Sram 1x group set that will have you ready to race. As we go up in price, both of these things become more the norm so at $2999 this has everything the that a good race machine should offer.

5. BMC CXA01 $3299

Back to alloy with BMC but moving up to SRAM Rival 1X Group Set the BMC is a go anywhere machine. As comfortable racing cross as it is on a long gravel grind the BMC is a perfect ride for the adventurous type.

6. Norco Threshold C Rival 1 $3499

Norco is a brand with a very long history on the dirt. A classic Canadian brand that was at the forefront of the rise in MTB Norco is still making amazing bikes today. The Threshold C Rival 1 is every bit a race bike with every feature you will need. If value is what you want this is a great machine that will prove that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a race winning bike.

7. Focus Mares CX Rival $3999

The Mares CX Rival is the first of the carbon Focus range and this a a great bike. Light and fast how a race bike should be there is nothing else you would need to win a CX race. The same frame is used through the Focus range so you get all the benefits of the Force bike without the price. This again is selling fast so come in quick if you want one.

8. Norco Threshold SL $4699

The top of the Norco family this is a out and out race machine. Super light with SRAM's Force 1x group set. All that coupled with Norco's value for money deal. The 3T wheels are a unique spec to Norco with their deep dish that many of the Euros prefer in the deep mud and sand. Did we mention that there will certainly be mud and sand this CX session?

9. Focus Mares CX Ultegra $4799

While SRAM 1x tends to dominate the top of the line CX model's it's certainly not for everyone with the Ultegra 2x11 group giving this bike a whole lot of versatility. This is a seriously light bike that will rival most peoples road bikes. The DT wheel set is a cracker with everything tubeless ready for the race days where PSI matters.

10. Focus Mares CX Force 1 $5499

The top of the tree is the Focus Mares CX Force 1. This is the bike with everything. Ridden by or own Team Willylocke it is a pure race bike designed for the world stage. Seriously light and fast there is no possible way you can use the bike as an excuse when you are on one of these weapons.