NorthCC - Lapierre - French passion and commitment

We are really pleased to be able to stock the French brand Lapierre here North City Cycles in the coming months. While the bikes are terrific it has been great to learn more about the Lapierre company itself.

Lapierre is a family business. It is currently in it's 3rd generation of the Lapierre family dating back to 1946. Based out of Dijon, France, the headquarters still remains the Centre of technological development and testing. A team of engineers is dedicated to the research and innovation for each frame developed and the engineers actively engage in the bike tests with the team and riders sponsored by Lapierre.

Lapierre's most notable sponsored team is Marc Madiot's FDJ team. Their relationship stretches back 14 years. That level of commitment and trust is really rare in this modern word. We at NorthCC value relationships above all else and this was one of the key attractions to Lapierre as a brand. Their current road bike the Xelius was has been developed in conjunction with the professional team and has been shaped by the demands of World Tour racing.