NorthCC - Upgrading your Wheelset

A couple of weeks back we talked about the importance of considering the frame you buy over the level of components that come on a new bike. We hear the old must have 105 line over and over again. We think that having a better frame under you far out ways having Dura Ace over Ultegra on your bike.

So whats the next must important part?

The wheels also trump the group set in the hierarchy of importance.

Bikes that have been specced by the manufacturer can have widely different reasons for why the wheel has been selected for a particular model. While some brands try to pick the wheel that best suits the level of their bike, commercial interest always play a part.

In the brands we have at North City Cycles there is a mixed approach to wheel choice. BMC and Cervelo have traditionally given a very low specced wheel on most of their models. This is a two fold approach. As a premium frame builder it keeps the price of their complete bikes under control. There is also the argument that most riders of high end bike already have high end wheels that they have chosen for themselves. It is interesting the in 2017 Cervelo has changed this approach and partnered heavily with ENVE for the wheels on their S Series bikes. Focus on the other hand have always offered a higher level wheel as you move up their range with carbon models being standard on the high end bikes.

Coming back to the point of the article today it could still be argued that upgrading the wheels on a bike with a lower level group set can make for a better bike then the same bike with a higher group set. So don't just except the wheels that the bike manufacturer offers. Talk to use about the cost involved of in wheel upgrades and get the best out of the bike you purchase.