Focus & Cervelo 2017 Bikes

Over the last two days I have been in the beautiful Barossa Valley outside of Adelaide having a look at the new 2017 ranges from Focus and Cervelo. While there is a lot of stuff that hasn't been officially launched and can't be reported yet, what we can say is that there is some exciting stuff coming and some sweet new colours.

Sitting in on the technical session it becomes quickly evident the disc brakes will be the future on  road bikes. Both manufactures have added disc brakes deep into their ranges and while it is still not possible to race a disc bike there benefits go well beyond superior braking performance

The advent of disc brakes have let the engineers truly loose on road bike design. What has resulted is improvement for the frames and handling of the bike as well as the braking and the wheel performance. Cervelo report that a frame engineered for disc now have a 8% stiffer head tube and a 9% stiffer bottom brake performance. This equates to a better bike and a more enjoyable ride.

Whether you agree with disc brakes in the pro peloton or not, disc brakes are here to stay and they make for better bikes with greater performance, If your'e not racing then these are the bike we should all be on out on the open road.