The best thing about training hard is being able to eat whatever you want with little or no ill effects. Even better is when you've trained hard towards a big race and nominated to rest and taper for the last week then "carbo-load" for the final couple of days to create a well rested and fully fuelled you. Traditionally, lots of rice, potatoes and pasta is on the menu for this stage. Sounds great! Unfortunately there is a downside to this last carbing up process. Eating that extra food in a short period of time can leave you feeling heavy and lethargic. Not ideal. Enter Carbo Loader from Sponser. It's full of long chain carbohydrates in a mildly flavoured powder form which, when mixed as per their recommendations for your body weight, can be consumed alongside your regular meals. The perfect way to increase your glycogen storage for the big day without the downsides that come with typical carbo loading.