Suplest Shoe Review

Our resident graphics guru Russell Kerr has been riding the Suplest Crosscountry Series shoe for four months. Read his review of his experience with this premium quality Swiss shoe:

I have been wearing my Supplest shoes now for about four months, after upgrading from my previous  shoes that self destructed in the middle of the trail. I tried a bunch of brands on before deciding on the Suplest CROSSCOUNTRY SERIES 02.029, loved the look and design of the shoes from day one. 

The fit of my Crosscountry’s are perfect, they feel super secure while still feeling like they have room for my foot to move around. The BOA system for securing the shoes is awesome, such a superior mechanism than velcro straps I have always used, it really provides a hugging sensation and there are no pressure points, something I have always noticed with my previous shoes. The BOA system is also super easy to adjust mid ride.

The Suplest shoes are just awesome, they have exceed my expectations in every way. With all my previous shoes I had I suffered with a range of foot and ankle aches after riding, since switching to the Suplest I have encountered no such problems, I put this down to the inner sole and the carbon base of the shoe. It’s nice to come home after a ride knowing that I will be pain free. They are also pretty water resistant as well should you get caught in a storm or spend the day splashing through puddles on the trail.

Overall I the shoes have delivered in every way I hoped they would. I can recommend the Suplest Crosscountry’s to anyone looking for a light, well designed MTB or CX shoe that is a pleasure to ride for any length of time and looks great as well