The Focus Izalco Max Review

The Izalco Max is the top of the line frame set offered by Focus. Unlike many bike brands Focus other the exact frame set on all the models in the Izalco Max range. This is a genuine World Tour level frame. Light and stiff and designed to race. 

Both Shane and I have been riding the Izalco Max's in the past six months with Shane on the Ultegra bike and myself on the Dura Ace Di2. We both have found the frame to be amazing. It certainly is light and fast, but this is couple with a comfort and an amazing calmness and assurance when it comes to handling. All around this a great frame and builds up to be a great bike with whatever components that it is partnered with.

This is a conversation that we have been having at the shop for some time now. The quality of the frame is often forgotten when deciding on which bike to buy. It is to often that the choice comes down to group set and the value of the frame is compromised in order to fit to a budget. Riding the Focus Izalco Max reminds me that the true worth of a bike is found in the frame and its ride quality and this should be always be the priority.