Shane's Review - Jaggad Little Big Stripe Long Sleeve Merino Jersey

Certainly one of the nicest pieces of kit we have had in the shop, Jaggad's Merino Long Sleeve Jersey have been keeping us all warm this winter. We spoke with Jaggad designer guru Bre Neidt about working with the fabric to get some insight. The Jersey is made from a combination of Merino wool and polyester. The polyester outer layer allows the garment to hold it's shape and plays an important role in keeping the wind out. The merino inside allows for moisture to be wicked away from the skin to keep you comfy and your temperature stable. As Bre points out this is a nine or more month of the year jersey in Melbourne. The qualities of merino allow for it to be worn in a much wider range of temperatures then most garments which makes it perfect for all those cool morning's in the Spring and Autumn that warm up as your ride goes on. You won't find yourself having to unzip or take off like you would with heavy winter kit making this on flexible piece of kit to have throughout the year.

Our resident road man Shane has been putting his through it's paces both out on the road and hitting some CX trails. This is what he thought:

My new favourite piece of cycling apparel!!! Jaggad’s new Merino wool long sleeve jersey is the perfect winter and early morning garment. The jersey offers much more protection from wind chill and reduces the amount of layers required in winter. Like the rest of Jaggad’s range the jersey is top quality. I have used it both on and off road, it fits great and has firm elastic pockets with enough room for 5+ hours worth of bars/gels. The best part about this jersey is its versatility. Although super warm, the merino wool is very breathable and can be worn throughout a ride without overheating. I can definitely vouch for this as I recently raced in this jersey at the 3-day tour when the 2nd morning registered a chilly 1-degree celsius when we started. This breathability ensures this jersey is not restricted only to winter riding and it will make a great early morning jersey during autumn and spring.