Shane's Review - Chrono Futura2 Road Shoes

Recently our resident road man Shane got he's feet into a pair of Chrono's Futura2 Road shoes. Handcrafted Italian leather shoes made to the highest standards the true worth of these high end road shoe lays in the details. Weighing 230gram for a size 43, the soles are constructed of 5 layers of high grade carbon that provide a stiff platform to get your power down. The stitching is more akin to high end fashion shoes then regular sporting goods. At $395 these are top end shoes, but when you understand the care and craftsmanship that go into these shoes then you will understand that you are buying true quality.

So what does Shane say :

It’s been a couple of months now pedalling with Chrono new Futura2’s. I have delayed writing a review as I was waiting to develop sore or tender spots that usually occur with new cycling shoes but they haven’t appeared. These shoes look awesome. They are super light, super stiff but most importantly to me they are super comfortable. The shoes are Italian made and the high quality and attention to detail is noticeable even before trying them on. The double Boa fastening system is very practical and can be adjusted easily while riding. Having 2 Boa fasteners on each shoe gives a perfectly firm fit across your entire your foot eliminating any heal slip. Although it has only been a couple of months I can confidently say these are the best shoes I have had to date.