Rouleur Wine/ North City Cycles Tour Competition

Welcome to our Rouleur Wine/North City Cycles Tour De France Competition.

The rules are simple. Everyday you have the chance to pick a stage winner. The person that pick the stage winner is our daily winner. In an event of multiple daily winners those people will be drawn from a hat to leave us with a prize winner on the day.


On all the odd number stages ie Stage 1, 3, 5 etc there will be a bottle of Rouleur Wine

On all the even number stages ie Stage 2, 4,6 etc there will be a NorthCC prise pack containing a Mussette, Bidon, and some Sponsor nutrient products

You enter each day simply enter on our home page. Prize winner will be notified daily

Entries Close at 9.30pm Aus time each day.

*one condition of entry is that Rouleur WInes and North City Cycles will both have access to the entrants email details

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