NorthCC - People of our bunch - Jayne D'Arcy

Q. Name? Jayne D'Arcy

Q. Bike? Focus Cayo Ultegra

Q. When did you start cycling? I consider that i started cycling properly when I got my first road bike in February this year. This came after commuting for years including 2 Great Victorian Bike Rides all on my trusty old ladies Peugeot step through.

Q What do you like most about cycling? The feeling of instant freedom as soon as you get on the bike. Going fast. Feeling safe on quiet paths at 6am before the city wakes. Seeing the sun rise in the morning.

Q.What do you like about the NorthCC Shop? When I went on my first one I couldn't work out why you went up those hills. Now i get it. The people on the ride are so supportive and so much fun to ride with.