POC Multi D Bib Shorts

I have recently got a chance to try some POC bibs. We have had POC since we opened and I have to admit that I have been pretty focussed on Jaggad and have been neglecting POC. POC certainly are a high end brand and their prices do reflect that. The Multi D Bib is second in the range after the Contour range. The question is does the over quality and comfort equal the price tag?

Have know raced in them I would say that they do. The Multi D pad is one of the best i have worn. In a race situation i didn't think about comfort at any stage which is a great sign. Heaven knows i need all the energy to keep up and none was wasted worrying about what i was wearing.

The Bibs themselves a more traditional in shape. They may not suit those that like their bibs all the way close to the knee. The Contour may be a better bet for that rider. It did take a little will to get used to that after wearing the longer Jaggad bibs all winter.

Overall i have really enjoyed the Multi D bibs. Being in my mid 40s the whole POC safety concept is more and more appealing. The bibs themselves have a reflective panel on the backside. The rest of the range can be polarising for fashionable Melbourne. The brightness is not for everyone but I for one fully support the idea of maximising your likelihood of being seen out on the roads.

Stay tuned for some more POC reviews in the next few weeks.